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It all began back in 2011; two brothers, Chris and Ste had a mission to change the way people Eat, Drink and Relax.

Opening our first store in the beautiful village of Lymm, Cheshire; we quickly became a busy daytime eatery, serving the local community a wide range of specialty coffee, chilled drinks, homemade cakes, and food.

Fast forward twelve years, and we are preparing to celebrate our 20th store opening with more to come. Armed with a clear vision – ‘to be recognised as the leading coffee operator in England’, we press forward with new ideas for products, store design, and team development. 

As we grow, we remain a wholly independent business, grounded with the same values and determination as the day we first opened. Harmonious in our work ethics, our ambitious growth will not compromise on quality in any aspect of the business, all in pursuit of long-term perfection.

“our vision is To be recognised as THE leading independent coffee operator in England.”

  • Our Mission

    We wish to redefine the coffee experience on our forgotten high streets, selecting locations where we feel our presence makes a difference. A place where local communities, friends, and families can meet and enjoy our great coffee, cakes, and tasty food served in warm and comfortable surroundings by a passionate team.

  • Our Values

    To take a fair approach in everything that we do, operating with absolute honesty and integrity throughout. We speak when suitable to do so, and always listen to those who have voices to be heard.

  • Our Culture

    Our culture and people should demonstrate a passion and love for all we do. We will learn from those who have walked these paths before us, but not let them dictate the direction in which we travel. We wish to encourage each to ensure equality of opportunity always.


Our special house blend is roasted to perfection in the heart of our RoastHouse facility. It is sweet and velvety, with a fruity aroma of berries, and the mellow sweetness of vanilla followed by a chocolate tang, resulting in a well-rounded medium house roast. 

In addition to our house roast, we produce single-origin beans. Starring monthly promotions in-store and online, we hope to enable our customers to try different styles of coffee but also provide recommendations and guides to the best methods of brewing, unlocking the inner barista.