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Originated in the heart of Lymm Village; two brothers wanted to change the way people Eat, Drink & Relax.

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Following its success, we quickly expanded and took residency on some of the North Wests forgotten High Streets. All with local regeneration in mind. Twelve years on and full of the same passion as our first day in Lymm, we are preparing for our 20th store opening & have many more exciting plans ahead.


  • V60

    The V60 is a cone dripper used to filter coffee into a cup or coffee jug. The name stems from the shape of the device. It is ‘V’ shaped with the cone sloped at a 60-degree angle.

  • Cafetiere

    This popular method of brewing allows the water to sit with the coffee grounds (‘steeping’) which gives a different extraction and bolder flavour to other methods.

  • Moka Pot

    This stylish piece of kit was designed to enable Italians to make their own espresso at home. It works by pushing hot water through ground coffee under steam pressure.