How to make v60 coffee

This method is best suited to light roasted coffee, such as our Single Origin El Salvador, which produces a delicate and complex coffee.

You're going to need:

  • Our Single Origin

  • A Kettle (or if you're feeling fancy, a Drip Kettle)

  • Scales and a timer

  • V60 dripper and filter papers

  • Your favourite mug to enjoy it in

  1. Bring your kettle to boil and pop the lid open for about 30 seconds before. If you care using a drip kettle, no need to wait, simply pour the water into your Drip Kettle as this will naturally cool it. Ideally we want the water just off the boil so it doesn't burn the coffee.

  2. Take your paper filter and fold the crease back on itself. Place this in the v60 dripper that should be sat on top of your chosen mug, and saturate with water to rinse and pre-heat your mug. Discard this water down the sink.

  3. Weigh out 14g of ground coffee and place level in the v60.

  4. Tare the scales and pour 80g of hot water in the dripper - Pouring in enough off-the-boil water to cover the grounds, moving in circles while you pour. Wait 30 seconds for that to bloom.

  5. Next pour 70g of water in circular motion to get up to 150g and then wait again.

  6. Over the next two minutes, gradually add enough water to fill the cup.

  7. As the coffee is starting to recede and draw down into your mug, go ahead with the third pour. You want to bring your water level up to around 200g in total.

  8. Enjoy!


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