How to make STOVETOP coffee

You're going to need:

  • StoveTop/Moka Pot

  • Hob (medium heat)

  • Hot water

  • Our House Blend coffee

  1. Remove the basket from the Moka pot - fill the base of the Moka Pot with hot water (not boiling water), up to just below the safety valve.

  2. Take your basket and fill it with coffee and then using your finger, level it off, but don't compress the coffee down (like you would for an espresso machine)so the water and hot steam can pass through easily.

  3. Pop your basket in the lower chamber and screw the top on tightly.

  4. Place your Moka Pot on the hob and lift your lid and wait for the coffee to flow. Once the stream starts to blonde and looks thin then you'll know the coffee is fully extracted.

  5. Plunge the base of the Moka pot in cold water to stop the brewing process

  6. Pour your cup and enjoy!

Tip: When it comes to cleaning your Moka Pot, it's well known to keep the soap away! With it being aluminum, we need to be more careful when cleaning, because every type of acid can damage the surface of the utensil. Of course, you want to keep your Moka Pot clean, so you should just thoroughly rinse all three pieces and set them to dry separately after every use.


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