How to make cafetiere coffee

You're going to need:

  • Cafetiere

  • Boiling Water

    Scales & timer

  • Our House blend coffee - preferably grind from beans own as this suits a coarser grind. (A medium/dark roast - Indonesia)

  • A cup

  • 9 mins for the perfect brew

  1. Preheat your cafetière with boiling water from the kettle - once warm, dispose of water.

  2. Place the cafetière on the scales and weigh the correct amount of ground coffee. As a general rule of thumb, use 15g of coffee, per 250ml of water. So if you have a 1 liter cafetiere, use 60g of coffee. With a lighter roast of coffee you may want to slightly up the dose of coffee.

  3. Boil some water. If you're using a kettle, open the lid for a minute to let the water cool slightly. It should be about 93-94 degrees.

  4. Zero the scales and pour the hot water into the Cafetiere cylinder in a circular motion, making sure all coffee grounds are saturated and start your timer.

  5. Allow to steep for 4 minutes – then stir, breaking the crust that has formed on the surface. Leave to stand for a further 5 minutes during which the coffee should sink/settle.

  6. Place the lid on the cafetiere and carefully plunge, there should be a slight resistance, pour into warmed mugs and enjoy your coffee!

  7. Enjoy!


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